ECMP – Major Project

For our group project we created a stop motion video on How to Make Cupcakes.  Along with this we created a screencast on how it was made, and summarized our major learnings and rationale.  Check out our project at our google site How to Make Cupcakes.

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Tech Task #9

For this assignment we had to create two six-word stories.  I decided that I would use my own pictures but had a hard time coming up with the words.  The editing tool I used was Picnik on Facebook because the pictures were already on there and I have used it before.  The first picture I chose is a picture from my sister’s grad and then second picture is from our trip to Hawaii.

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Tech Task #8

This tech task had us completing an excel worksheet.  Excel spreadsheets are something that we worked on quite a bit in school, but I was amazed with how much I had to re-figure out when doing this.  Spreadsheets are a tool that can offer teachers a lot of help if they know how to use them.

Tech Task #8 Spreadsheet

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Tech Task #7

For this tech task our group created a musical mashup podcast.  We combined the famous speech of Martin Luther King with the song Colors by Will.I.Am.  Before this assignment I knew what a podcast was but I had never done much work with it, I took a lot more time then I thought it would.

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Tech Task #6

This was my groups version of the Door Scene.  It was our first attempt at filming and editing a video and proved to be some what of a challenge.  I am glad that I got to work through iMovie because I know it will be a tool I will use in the future.

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Tech Task #5

This is the priceless commercial I created for Tech Task #5.

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Mashed Potato

This is a video I made for a group project in KHS 232.  We had to research and then present on a dance of choice, we chose the mashed potato.  I combined different clips showing people doing the mashed potato, some people doing to the footwork and others doing the hand movements.

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