My Teaching Philosophy

Initial Philosophy of Education – 2007

The thing I think is the most important in the classroom, is equality towards everyone.  It is very important to not hold any bias opinions towards anyone.  You need to work on making sure that everyone has the same chance, and that you don’t favor certain students for different reasons.  A teacher needs to not judge anyone, and make sure that their classroom is a place where every child feels comfortable.

Another thing that I think it is very important to do when teaching, is incorporating as many learning styles as you can into your lesson plans.  Just because you learn best one way, doesn’t mean that it will be the best way for your students.  You need to be open to take suggestions from what your students like, and build further on this, so everyone gets the most out of your teaching.

I think teachers should always be growing and learning.  They need to be a teacher 24/7, and always have their eyes open for new ideas that they could use in the classroom.  A teacher needs to stay current with not only the every changing curriculum, but with the world news.  The more a teacher can incorporate things that are happening around the world, the more interesting and fresh their classroom will be.

Teachers also need to be very aware of the extensive capabilities technology offers.  Using technology, computers and Internet in the classroom often adds more excitement to the classroom and makes the learning more interesting for the students.  The ability for connection and interaction on the Internet is another big factor, teachers need to know how to use this aspect safely, but still get the most out of it.

A teacher also needs to be open to lots of diversity in their classroom.  There are some places you could teach, where diversity is not a factor, but it is just as important to make these students aware of how differently other people can live in even Saskatchewan.  If you are teaching in a diverse community, it is important to try to incorporate different culture histories or back grounds.

Revised Philosophy of Education – 2009

My philosophy of education has been adapting and changing ever since my acceptance into this faculty.  I came into it with the perspective of a student, knowing what I liked about my teachers and what I didn’t like about my teachers.  With each class that I take I learn more about different theories and different strategies I can take into the classroom.  Next we were actually given time to go into classrooms and observe and then to actually teach, this has also helped shaped my philosophy of education.  Lastly I have also been taught how to reflect on what I see and do, and this is a major thing that has shaped my beliefs.  When you experience something it is extremely helpful to look back on the situation afterwards and right down what it means to you.

One of the most important things to me is that every child deserves to learn, and not only do they deserve to learn they deserve to have the best learning environment possible.  Creating that positive learning environment is where I as a teacher come in, I need to make my classroom inviting and safe for all students.  Everyone should feel welcome in the classroom and I need to make sure that it is an anti-bias community.  An important thing for all teachers to remember is that whatever your beliefs are there is a great chance that they could be transferred to your students.  This is why I need to be aware of my beliefs and make sure that only good and appropriate ones are shown to the students.

Another thing that I believe is important is every student needs to be valued and represented in the classroom.  When I am planning lessons and teaching I have to pick books that show all types of people and I need teach lessons that value other cultures.  This will hopefully show all students that they are valued and where they come from is very important.  I can only imagine if my school experience would have been different and I had never seen myself represented in a story we read or in a lesson we were taught, I probably would not be in the place I am today.  I never want any of my students to feel this way.

Final Philosophy of Education – 2011

Looking back  on my previous philosophies of education I still agree with many of the things I said.  Back then I knew what should be important in the classroom, but know I truly realize why these things are important and the negative effects it can have if they are not implemented.

Equality was one of the first things I talked about being important in the classroom and I still believe it is extremely important.  Now I have a greater understanding of what equality is and how much it differs from treating everyone the same.  Just because something works for one student does not mean that it is what is going to work for all students.  On this point I also believe that every child deserves to be represented in the classroom.  When my students are looking at pictures on the walls or in story books I want them to either see themselves or see people like them.  I do not want to only represent one type of person.

Even in my first reflection I talked about being a teacher 24/7.  I am not sure that I truly knew the importance of this when I said it.  With many different experiences I have come to see how effective a positive digital identity can be and what can happen if it is a negative identity represented.  I need to be very conscious of what I do and what I say, on the internet and in life.  As a teacher I believe it is important to always be learning.  Things are always changing and it is my responsibility to keep up.

Being in the classroom a lot more and reflecting on this experience has also shown me the importance of a positive classroom environment.  The classroom is somewhere where I want all of my students to feel safe, welcome and cared for.  I want my students to be excited about coming to school and excited about what they are learn.  It is up to me to create an environment where this would happen.  When children are more interested and engaged in what is going on, they will be more likely to fully participate in all of the activities and experiences you plan.



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