Tech Task #10

I have always been amazed by the attention and fame that follows some of these YouTube sensations.  This fame has improved some peoples lives and ruined other peoples.  As a teacher I believe it will be extremely important to show children how these small things can change their life.  In this class I have learned how important my digital identity and I believe that this is something that I need to pass on to my students.

Although we would all like to post a video on YouTube and become the next big sensation like Justin Bieber, there is also the chance that the video you post could turn you into the next UCLA Racist Girl.  There are pros and that may be all that your students see, it is important to highlight the cons too.  Hopefully with this knowledge our students can make a greater effort to create a positive digital identity.

Even on the smaller side of things it is important to show students how their image on the internet can be seen by everyone.  Growing up I was never really concerned about what I was doing on the internet because I never knew the implications it could have, showing students what people can see and what people can do with that information is really important.  I believe that this is not something you would specifically set aside part of the year to teach but cover all year long especially when things happen in the media that emphasize this importance.

Looking at other blogs I know there are many people who feel the same way.  I liked Aaron’s point of how a negative identity will stick with you and it is very hard to overcome.  I also enjoyed the Red Rover Blog and the learning outcomes it highlighted for teaching students about technology.  I guess in the end it is a all chance and we have to be aware of that, would you rather be famous for something you intended to be famous for or be famous for something that you never thought anyone would see?

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