I doubt I have to point this out because by now I will assume that everyone can see my lack of blogging.  It has been something I have struggled with all term.  When it came to doing tech tasks I was all over it and found no trouble in completing the task but the idea of just writing whatever I felt like writing about was not all that intriguing to me.  I think about this experience to me and then I think about being in a classroom and asking my students to complete these same assignments.

I understand the importance of blogging or journaling (something I am not a big fan of either) and its usefulness in the class.  I also understand how some students benefit from the structured type of writing where they are given a question, task or topic and how some students need the freedom to write about whatever strikes their interest.  As a teacher I wonder how I can balance these two opposites and still get the results I am looking for.  Although it is necessary to give students the option to write in a way they feel the most comfortable it is also important to try and broaden their comfort level and ask them to try new things.  There are importances both in writing about an assigned topics and free writing and both need to be practiced.  I guess that as a teacher I will need to find a balance and make sure that I will offer both opportunities for my students.

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