Troubles with Technology

So I got a little cocky, I was feeling pretty good about my ability to use different types of technology to complete different tasks.  With this added comfort I decided that instead of writing a paper for my Modern Dance Research Project in KHS 232 I would make a video.  I thought that a video would offer me more flexibility and would suit my assignment better.  This idea was coming across perfectly, I had to research a dancer who I thought had shaped modern dance and I chose Michael Jackson.  I thought that if I mixed a Prezi, music videos, videos of people imitating his dance moves and a screencast of different articles talking about his importance to dance that I would best be able to emphasize the point I wanted to.  Everything was going very smoothly the pieces were coming together although it was taking a lot longer than I expected.  I created a Prezi and screencasted it into the different sections of my presentation.  After I cut different music videos and added them into the different areas, I took a screen shot of the articles that fit with the dance moves happening and added them in.  To finish it off I added titles and music throughout.  I will admit I was quite happy with the final project.

Next came the easy part, or so I thought.  All I had to do was upload and then send the project to my professor.  It turns out my video was too big to upload to Youtube, I was okay with this and decided to go with plan b.  Plan B was to download the video into movie format, turns out this takes about two hours, a whole lot longer than I expected.  I continued on doing other things while I waited for this to happen.  After it had finished I tried to email it, the file was too big to attach to and email so my email suggested attaching it as an online file.  I followed the steps to attach this online file and it turns out the file was too big to do this as well.  Back to plan A I decided I would cut the video in half and upload it to Youtube in two parts.  This didn’t go as planned either, I thought it would be as simple as copying the video and and deleting the first half in part 1 and then deleting the second half in part 2.  Well this didn’t work either.  Every way I tried to cut it it messed up the timing and the transitions, this project was just not going as planned.  Needless to say after all other methods failed I just ended up burning a it to a DVD and sending it to my professor.  Overall this experience has definitely set back how good I thought I was doing with technology.

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