Warm Weather Brain Block

So I am sitting here in Hawaii, knowing that I am behind on blog posts and homework in general, but the idea of turning on my computer to figure out what that homework is not appealing.  I have no interest in checking my email, facebook or turning on my phone to see what messages I might have.  I am certain that this attitude wouldn’t last, but I wonder how long it could.  Could I last a month or more with no computer and cell phone, if it was like this outside I am sure I could.  Even summer time at the beach back home has no computer and no phone and I don’t really miss it.  There is too much to do and more sunshine to soak up then I know what to do with, so homework is the last thing on my mind.

I know this is how most kids feel when spring roles around back home, nobody feels like being in school and everybody has summer on the brain.  I wonder how as a teacher I can use summer coming to my advantage and get students engaged with what is going on in the classroom.  There are ways to incorporate a spring or summer theme into the classroom but even that might not be enough.  This is a good time for field trips and outdoor adventures, but I guess the main way to grab the students attention is to, like all other times, find out what they are interested in.

I know the students interest will change year by year with the grad, but after this vacation and the struggle with homework, I will definitely have a better understanding of what students are going through come spring.

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4 Responses to Warm Weather Brain Block

  1. Daniella Tiefenbach says:

    Stop blogging and enjoy your vacation!!! It’s almost time to get back to the grindstone!!! 🙂 Hope you had a wonderful vacation!

  2. msvolk says:

    Can’t wait to hear all about your trip – miss you!!

  3. Site Admin says:

    I know exactly how the kids feel, I spent the majority of my May/June school days since grade 6 looking out the window. haha

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