Tech Task #2

Reading through the list of blog prompts there was one that really caused me to think.  ‘Do you think that planned “unplugged” periods of time facilitate a healthy balance between technology use and face to face interactions?’  After reading this question I wondered if there had been research done on this idea and if there benefit s to taking a break from technology. 

There  are many people who believe ‘unplugging’ is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  I would have to agree with them, I have never been the type of person who needs to constantly check her emails, facebook, or have my phone by my side constantly, but I do know many people who probably should attempt this task.  Relationships are an important part of any lifestyle and of many different parts of peoples lives.  I do not know how you can have a healthy relationship if you don’t have face to face interactions.  Sure there are some instances when it is not always possible to have these face to face interactions and then technology definitely does help.
I came across a video and an excerpt from a book, The Winter of Our Disconnect, on MSNBC that looks at a mother who led her family on a technology vacation and although extreme I  believe that it could be very beneficial.  When you are constantly on the phone, on the computer or on a gaming system it is hard to carry on a conversation with the people around you, if you even want to.  I can see why a family would attempt something like this, and sometimes I feel like doing the same thing to people I am around. There are many other people who have written about their views on ‘unplugging’, two that I found interesting were The Importance of Unplugging and Lucid Exposition.
I also came across a blog that poked fun at people who are addicted to technology and gave a list of scenarios when you might need to unplug.
Overall I think it is important to spend time away from technology, for your sake and for your family and friends sake, so this weekend I think I might just unplug.
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One Response to Tech Task #2

  1. Emily Mann says:

    Hey Kinnon,

    I like the reflection that you put into this post! The picture on your post said a lot; the necessity of setting apart places as being “unplugged areas” speaks a lot to the fact that people find it difficult to unplug. It’s so obvious too! I’m often baffled by the amount of people having coffee together that are actually just staring into the Blackberries on their laps rather than into each other’s faces. Crazy life.

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