Tech Task #1

1.  I grew up on a farm outside of a small, small town, with my mom, my dad and my younger sister and brother.  I took my K-12 education in Imperial and am now in my 4th year of Pre-K to 3, Elementary Education.  After school I am planning on moving back to the town I grew up in, with my boyfriend, where we are currently renovating a house outside of town.  Outside of school I enjoy many outdoor activities and all sports.

2.  Technology is something that I use on a daily basis, but I understand the importance of face to face conversations, social outings.  I enjoy keeping up with people I don’t have the opportunity to see regularly through facebook and texting, though I would never turn down the option for a real conversation.  I know my life is easier and has benefited from technology but I am certain I wouldn’t go crazy without my cellphone or computer.  As for school, technology has improved and made the experience easier.  We are now able to quickly share information and catch up on what we missed without having to get together.

3. I feel technology is important to incorporate into the classroom, but I also feel that there is a limit to how much technology should be used.  Technology can enhance a lesson, allow a teacher to set up stations for further learning and provide students with different learning styles an alternate way to study.  I think that technology should be used in these ways, but it should not completely replace teaching.  With new technologies being developed it is important as teachers to address them and highlight some of the benefits, but it is also important to talk about some cautions students should take and the risks if they don’t.

4.  I am hoping to come away from this class with a better and more comfortable understanding of technology and how I can use it in my classroom.  I know there are lots of resources available to me but I need some guidance and help on knowing how and where to use them.  I am excited and willing to learn anything that could improve and enhance my teaching, which is something I am hoping this class does.

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